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It is a website, database and set of tools that has been specially developed to help find property investment deals faster. you see, normally you would have to comb through hundreds of active listing, spend hours figuring out the average sold prices and then manually search for Below Market Value listings. With our database and tools you can get 5-10hours work done in a fraction of the time.

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Most BTL(Buy to Let)and BTS(Buy To Sell) residential investors regularly keep an eye on their market place by subscribing to various alert and update services on major property portals and estate agent websites.A lot of time is often spent finding and then researching these properties. Especially those that fall outside of their normal investment areas. Our new lead/data/due diligence service puts residential property deals directly in the hands of investors or property sourcers. Once you have chosen your property to study and are happy with the results, all you have to do is go and close the deal having saved countless hours.And we all know TIME is MONEY.